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Technology has rapidly evolved over the past few years, and with this development, the smart capsule has been invented, also known as the “Elipse Gastric” Pill or “Smart Stomach Capsule”.

It is considered one of the latest technologies and is a new step in the field of medicine to facilitate and improve life in an advanced way. Trials have proven the effectiveness of this technology with distinction.

The smart capsule is the first weight loss capsule globally approved for use.

The Smart Capsule is a non-surgical procedure that helps a person reduce their food intake by swallowing a capsule that expands in the stomach, taking up a larger space in the stomach.

The Smart Capsule is not a surgical procedure and is done without anesthesia or pain. Once it settles in the stomach and is filled with blue water through the attached catheter, the patient will not feel hungry quickly and will feel full quickly if they do eat.

There are two ways to deliver the capsule to the patient's stomach, either by swallowing it or by inserting it through a small medical endoscope that requires the patient to be lightly anesthetized.

Once the capsule reaches the stomach and is properly positioned, the doctor fills it with a saline solution until it expands and occupies about one-third of the stomach's space.

There is no specific age for the Smart Capsule procedure, and there are no restrictions for the procedure except in the following cases:

1- Obesity with a body mass index (BMI) exceeding 40.

2- Pregnancy for women.

3- Previous surgery of the stomach or intestines.

4- Chronic kidney or liver diseases.

5- Ulcerative colitis.

The Smart Capsule is considered one of the fastest and easiest medical procedures, and it has many advantages, including:


  1.  If the patient prefers not to undergo surgery, the Smart Capsule is a suitable and comfortable procedure.
  2. The gastric capsule procedure is quick, taking no more than 20 minutes, and the patient can leave the hospital on the same day.
  3. The smart capsule does not require any prior preparation or procedures like other surgeries.
  4. The smart capsule has proven its effectiveness in achieving remarkable and encouraging results, much more than traditional diets.
  5. The size of the smart capsule can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the internal solution according to the patient's condition and needs.
  6. If the patient experiences any disturbing side effects from the capsule, it can be easily stopped or modified.
  7. Complications from the smart capsule procedure are very rare.
  8. Weight loss can be achieved through the smart capsule procedure by 7%-15% in 16 weeks.

  1.  Quit smoking before the procedure.
  2. Inform the doctor in case of medication allergies.
  3.  Follow a diet rich in vitamins.
  4. Avoid carbonated drinks and fast food.
  5. Maintain regular exercise for better results.
  6. Limit caffeine intake as much as possible.
  7.  Chew food well before swallowing.
  8. Drink water after every meal to prevent food from sticking to the balloon.

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