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Facial Fat Injections are one of the newest cosmetic techniques used to enhance the appearance of the face and promote its beauty.

This technique focuses on using natural body fat and is considered a safe and effective alternative for improving the appearance of the face, suitable for all ages and genders. It involves a safe and non-surgical method of obtaining volume and contouring, which is easily performed and requires a short recovery time.

Fat Face Injection is a non-surgical procedure used to improve the appearance of the face and enhance its beauty. This procedure involves extracting fat from a certain area of the patient's body, such as the abdomen or thigh, and then grafting it into the face to give it volume or to conceal wrinkles, scars, or to improve the aesthetic harmony of the face.


Performing a fat face injection requires special preparation, including a small needle and tubes for collecting extracted fat and filtering the usable fat. The first step is to numb the area where the fat will be extracted from.

Then, a small amount of fat is extracted safely using sterile needles and then filtered. When the fat is deemed suitable for use, it is injected into the face precisely using a thin needle, minimizing its impact on the skin, and avoiding scarring.


The fat face injection procedure is considered safe and effective, and patients can return to their daily activities shortly after treatment. However, patients should avoid intense physical activity or heavy lifting for at least two weeks before returning to these activities. Patients should also improve their lifestyle, including a healthy diet and regular exercise, to maintain the results of the fat face injection procedure.

Candidates for Fat Face Injection are those who desire to enhance the appearance of their face by giving it volume, freshness, and enhancing its beauty. Those who suffer from facial fat loss, or who want to get rid of wrinkles, scars, and spots may also be candidates for this procedure.


There are several health conditions that patients must meet to be eligible for Fat Face Injection, including:


  1.  Healthy skin free of any skin diseases or inflammation.
  2.  Not having any chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  3.  Not taking any medications that affect blood clotting such as aspirin and antibiotics.
  4.  Not taking any sedative or stimulating substances prior to the treatment for an adequate period of time.


Autologous fat is used for Fat Face Injection, and it is taken from specific areas of the patient's body using a technique called liposuction. These areas include, but are not limited to:


  1.  Abdomen
  2.  Buttocks
  3.  Thighs
  4.  Back
  5.  Arms
  6.  Flanks
  7.  Submental area


The liposuction area is selected based on the doctor's evaluation of the appropriate fat volume and location for use in face injections. The doctor may also consider other factors such as the availability of enough fat and its high quality, as well as the effect of liposuction on the appearance of the chosen area.


Patients should consult with their doctor to determine the appropriate areas for using fat for face injections and discuss any possible questions or concerns.


Fat Face Injection is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting fat into specific areas of the face, such as the cheeks, chin, lips, forehead, and the area around the eyes, to enhance facial volume and achieve a youthful and attractive appearance. However, this procedure is not without risks, and therefore, certain instructions must be followed before undergoing the injection.


Here are some of the instructions to follow before undergoing Fat Face Injection:


  1. Stop using certain medications: The patient must stop using medications that can cause bleeding before the surgery, including aspirin, ibuprofen, and others.


  1. Blood tests: The patient must undergo blood tests to ensure there are no health problems that can affect the surgery.


  1. Avoid smoking: The patient must refrain from smoking before and after the surgery because smoking affects blood flow and can increase the risk of bleeding and infections.


  1. Identify the injection sites: The surgeon must identify the specific injection sites and determine the appropriate amount of fat needed.


  1. Realistic expectations: The patient must have realistic expectations about the expected results of the surgery and the recovery period.

After a Fat Face Injection, there are some important instructions that the patient must follow to ensure a quick recovery and good results. These instructions include:


  1.  Rest and relaxation: The patient should rest and relax for a period of time after the surgery.


  1.  Applying ice: Ice can be applied to the injected areas to reduce swelling and pain.


  1.  Avoiding strenuous exercise: Strenuous exercise and intense physical activity should be avoided for at least two days after the surgery.


  1.  Reporting any issues: The patient should report any problems or unusual symptoms that appear after the surgery.


  1.  Taking medication as directed: The patient should take the medication prescribed by the doctor according to the specified doses.


  1.  Avoiding sun exposure: Sun exposure should be avoided, and sunscreen should be used to protect the skin that has been injected with fat.


  1.  Waiting before using cosmetic products: The patient should wait at least two days before using cosmetic products on the face.



These are some of the instructions that must be followed after a Fat Face Injection. The patient should adhere to these instructions and speak with their doctor if they have any questions or concerns about the procedure.

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