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It is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the field of Facelift Surgery, offering many advantages, such as improving the appearance of the skin and reducing wrinkles & fine lines that appear with age. It also helps rejuvenate the face & remove sagging that appears over time.

A surgical procedure is performed aimed at refining the skin & soft tissues of the face & neck area to improve their appearance & shape. The process of reshaping the face & alleviating signs of aging, such as sagging skin & a slight appearance, is performed through plastic surgery that includes lifting & tightening soft tissues & restoring additional memory, if it exists.

- Full Facelift: It is a surgical procedure that involves lifting & tightening the skin in the cheeks, side of the eye & palate.

During this procedure, the skin is lifted & re-tightened evenly, which helps restore the original shape & improve the facial features in general.


- Half Facelift: During this procedure, the skin is lifted & tightened in a specific area of ​​the face only, such as the cheeks area.

A half facelift is used to improve wrinkle lines or reduce sagging in a specific area of ​​the face without the need for a complete surgery.


After both procedures, the patient notices an improvement in the facial features & shape, naturally & without any obvious signs of surgery.

Whether a person is suitable for surgery is determined based on factors such as general health status, age & expectations of possible results.

People with significant sagging skin may undergo a full Facelift, while The situation may be different for people who suffer from certain sagging in a specific area of ​​the face, so they can undergo a half Facelift.

A Facelift is performed through a surgical procedure that aims to lift sagging tissues & tighten the skin to achieve a more youthful & tight appearance.

The operation is performed by making simple incisions behind the ear or next to the ear depending on the density of sagging skin, then the Facelift is lifted.

 Surplus tissue is collected & tightened tightly.

The skin is fixed after the lift to maintain the new appearance & the wounds are carefully closed & left to fuse naturally.

Surgical facelift is a safe & effective surgical procedure to achieve rejuvenation & remove signs of aging.

Before performing a Facelift, several instructions must be followed to ensure the success of the operation & reduce possible risks & complications.

Steps to follow include:

  1.  Stopping some medications: The doctor may ask to stop some medications before the operation, such as medications that affect blood clotting.
  1.  Avoid smoking: The person must stop smoking for a period of time before the operation, as smoking can affect the healing process & increase the risk of complications.
  1.  Follow the doctor’s instructions: The person must follow specific instructions from the doctor before the operation, such as avoiding eating before the operation, following instructions about cleaning the face & avoiding using some skin products.

After a Facelift procedure, the following instructions must be followed to maintain the results of the operation & ensure a quick & sound recovery:

  1. Complete rest: The patient must rest for a period for recovery to stabilize & the swelling to decrease.
  2. Avoid exposure to sunlight: Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided for a period of time after the procedure to maintain skin repair.
  3. Reducing physical activity: It is recommended to reduce physical activity after surgery to avoid excessive stress on the wound.
  4. Follow instructions regarding medications: Instructions regarding medications prescribed by the surgeon must be carefully followed, including taking anti-inflammatory medications & antibiotics when necessary.
  5. Use ice: An ice pack or a cold cloth can be applied to the wound to relieve swelling & swelling.
  6. Maintaining hygiene: You must maintain good facial hygiene & avoid touching the wound with unclean hands to avoid infection.
  7. Adherence to skin treatments: If there is any skin treatment prescribed by the surgeon, the patient must adhere to it & follow the instructions carefully.
  8. Avoid smoking: It is recommended to avoid smoking after surgery to speed up the healing process & avoid any complications.

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