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hair transplant techniques

FUE . technology

It depends on extracting the follicles one by one from the scalp in the donor area using the extraction device, then these follicles are implanted one by one in small holes that are opened by the specialized surgeon who opens the channels in the direction appropriate to the angle of hair growth and depends on his study of the area That will be implanted in advance, so the overall shape of the transplanted hair will be very natural.

Technique (Choi Implanter) DHI

It was developed from the FUE technique. It was created for people who only want to intensify the hair of the head or beard, as a solution to hair transplantation without the need to completely shave the hair. Thus, it has now possessed advantages, the most important of which is reducing the time spent by hair follicles outside the body, thus ending the risk of death of those follicles when transferred From the donor area, because of its immediate implantation, the scalp recovery period is short after the operation, which helps the patient return to his social and practical life faster, not exceeding a week after the operation, in which no channels are opened for transplantation, but rather depends on dropping the follicles directly into the scalp.

Sapphire Pen Technology

Sapphire stone is one of the most valuable gemstones
The Sapphire pen is a pen to open the transplant channels instead of its micromotor counterpart equipped with a metal tip. The Sapphire technique is not a new and different technique from the classic FUE technique. Rather, it is considered the advanced face of it, which works to open the transplant channels very accurately and is not visible to the naked eye. Which in turn speeds up the healing process and reduces the formation of crusts on the transplanted area
This technique is suitable for all cases, especially diabetics, because the ambassador’s stone opens the channels with a very small diameter, which reduces blood bleeding during transplantation.

Hair transplantation is the perfect and best solution for people who suffer from hair loss problems or complete baldness, Since it is a non-surgical process, the pain is almost non-existent, and the hair follicles are transferred from the area between the ears behind the head, the so-called donor area, to be transplanted in the areas where baldness is to be covered or intensified. Also, hair transplantation is the ideal solution for people who suffer from the presence of Traces of wounds inside certain places on the head.

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